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 Welcome on the Website of the  Lebanese  Honorary  Consulate  of  the  Democratic  Republic of Sao Tomé et Principe .
We will discover together the most beautiful Archipel of the world , a real Paradise on earth..

We will make a complete tour in the two Volcanic Islands to understand the full :

- History
- Geography
- Politic
- Economy
- Culture
- Art

 Also we will know the different touristic sites:

- Visiting the golden beaches,
- walking tours in the tropical rainforests of the high volcanic   mountains
- Diving
- Fishing in the blue and transparent water.
- tasting the most good Chocolate in the world.

Our main Principle is to fully meet satisfactions of all tourists who wish to discover the Charming beauty of Sao Tomé Land and People.
We are committed to make your trip in Sao Tomé pleasant and unforgettable.


                             The Honorary Consul of the Democratic Republic of
                                                       Sao Tome et Principe in Lebanon
          Ramzi Haidar